Swami Shantananda Puri


In this day and age where many so-called spiritual leaders openly lust after fame, fortune and power it is inspiring to know that there are still those rare gems who live the true spirit of renunciation. The best of the yogis never sell spirituality through websites, build huge ashrams or create allied businesses. Rather, the true masters sing their song quietly and humbly. They do not lust after disciples – rather, people are led to such ones just just like flies to a shining light.

Swami Shantananda Puri is such a rare one indeed.

Born in 1928, he is a ‘Parivrajaka’ Sanyasi. He is the disciple of Parama Poojya Sri Purushottamananda Puri Maharaj who was the disciple of Swami Brahmananda (the great disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa).

Divine-LineageLineage of Swami Shantananda Puri (click for larger view)

Swamiji is a scholar par excellence in Vedic Scriptures, Puranic texts as well as other texts. His deep knowledge and lucid exposition of Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Vasishtha, Ashtavakra Gita have made him a authentic guide and Guru of the thirsty aspirants for spiritual guidance and knowledge. His simplicity, transparent heart, deep faith in the Divine and absolute surrender to That, have made him an ideal combination of Jnana, Bhakti, and Vairagya. His mastery in Sanskrit, English, Hindi, and Tamil and his vast experience and deep insight have drawn innumerable followers from India and abroad.

Books by Swami Shantananda Puri

So far more than 22 books have been authored by him. A number of these books have already appeared in translation also in Hindi, Kannada and Telugu. He has written a commendable commentary in Hindi and Tamil on Shiva Sahasranamam which occurs in Linga Purana. He has composed in Sanskrit, Sri Ramana Maharshi Suprabhatam which has been brought out by Sri Ramanasramam by way of an audio cassette.

He has a gift for writing through which he expresses complex spiritual ideas in ways accessible to even a layman. His writings are peppered his various interesting anecdotes which serve to strengthen ones faith in God.

Some ebooks by Swami Shantananda Puri: (click to download)




















www.ajati.com – Ajati is a Romanian disciple of Swami Shantananda Puri. His website has further information, links, photographs and articles.

Swami Shantananda Puri group – More books and articles by Swami Shantananda, some are in Hindi.


5 Responses to “Swami Shantananda Puri”

  1. The correct URL for reading/downloading books authored by
    H.H.Swami Shantananda ji Puri is http://www.scribd.com/vedavita
    Please correct it on your page https://purnayoga.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/swami-shantananda-puri/ under links.

    • I have found this site very user friendly. Scribd does not download easily. It always wants you to come via Facebook. Why this string and sting ???

  2. M. V. Satyanarayana Says:

    I need his book on siva sahasranama, please.

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  4. Narayan Nair, Thrissur - 680 003 Says:

    I had the great good fortune of having Darshan of Parama Poojya Swamiji Shri Shantananda Puriji Maharaj during my visit to Vasjshtha Gufa in 2007. Unfortunately it was a very short darshan and could touch His holy feet only. Since then have been longing to have a sat- sang with Him. All my efforts to locate His whereabout could not be. Perhaps iam not pure enough to be blessed by Him ! Inspite of this failure on my part, i still long to have His darshan and sat-sang. I accidentally came upon this website. How i wish this had happened long ago.

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